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Like most states in the country, Wyoming has laws governing the amount of car insurance coverage you must have if you want to register a motor vehicle. Need to know the minimum amount of coverage required in Wyoming? CarInsuranceReviews.com has all of the information you need to understand your insurance policy.

Proving Financial Responsibility in Wyoming

Wyoming law states that you must prove that you will be financially responsible for any damage you and your vehicle may cause. You may do this in one of three ways. You can obtain a surety bond from a company approved by the state of Wyoming, present a bond or proof of securities in the amount of at least $25,000 to the state treasurer, or purchase a car insurance policy with the minimum liability limits. The latter is the most popular and affordable choice.

Minimum Insurance Liability Requirements in Wyoming

In order to register your private passenger vehicle, you must purchase a car insurance policy reflecting the minimum coverage limits as mandated by the state. Wyoming law dictates a minimum of $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident in bodily injury coverage and at least $20,000 in property damage coverage. This means no one person can collect more than $25,000 in medical or death expenses, with an overall limit of $50,000 (regardless of the number of people involved) per incident.

Please keep in mind that these are minimums required for liability insurance and that these limits can and should be increased if you can afford to do so. Liability insurance does not cover damage you may cause to your own vehicle, but additional coverage options are available if needed.

Penalties for Failing to Maintain Financial Responsibility

You may be asked to show proof of financial responsibility at any given time, whether you are pulled over as part of a routine traffic stop or if you are in an accident. The officer at the scene will ask for your insurance information and you can give him your card. The state will check to make sure your car is on their list of insured vehicles. There are occasionally mistakes, so if the list shows that you are not insured you will be given 7 days to prove that you have coverage.

There will be a price to pay if you are not covered. The first offense is a misdemeanor and carries a $250-$750 fine, a possible prison sentence of up to 6 months, or both.

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