Travelers Car Insurance Reviews


In a growing and unstable economy it is good to have a bit of assurance.  Travelers Auto Insurance has been protecting its customers for more than 100 years, and got its start before the first automobile was even invented, in 1853 when it was known as St. Paul Fire & Marine Insurance Company. Its overall goal was to protect customers while traveling by railway or steamboat.

Then in 1897, when cars on the road were scarce and horses were still the primary mode of travel,  it was established as Travelers Auto Insurance and that’s how we know it today. The first auto policy went to the man who made the first one-cylinder car. Since then, Travelers Auto Insurance still protects its customers from personal injuries and damages especially while travelling.


Travelers Auto Insurance provides basic coverage like collision, comprehensive, liability, uninsured/underinsured motorist, personal injury protection, and property damage. Their coverage handles transportation expenses including a rental if your car is inoperable for more than 24 hours.

They have additional optional coverage such as, CD & DVD coverage in case of loss or theft, and Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP) coverage which covers you for the amount you’re out if there is still unpaid principal due on a loan or lease at the time of loss.

Discounts & Special Offers:

Travelers Auto Insurance has several discounts available to customers. There are many ways to benefit from these discounts. For example, their Hybrid Vehicle Discount can save the driver 10% for simply driving a hybrid car. Additional discounts include their “paid in full” discount, which provides the insured with a 5% discount for paying their policy upfront.

They also provide discounts for parents, including the “Student Away at School” discount. This discount is for any parent whose child under the age of 25 is away at school. Requirements state, however, that the child must be 100 miles or more away from the home to qualify. Another discount for students is the Good Student Discount, which provides the young driver with a discount for getting an A or B average in school.

Adding additional policies like homeowners insurance, umbrella insurance, or even boat & yacht insurance can save a policy holder as much as 15% on their auto insurance annually. The multiple policy discount offers several advantages besides the obvious economic one, for example, you get the added convenience of dealing with only one insurance company, instead of three or four.

While we often like to think of our insurance company as a firm we can count on, we know that each time we call it’s a new experience. Travelers insurance tries to take extra special care of its customers. By knowing each customer’s situation and history whenever they answer the phone, Travelers Auto Insurance gives their customers a unique opportunity. In addition to their efforts, they try to make visible notes on the account for the next representative to see when you call back. Making sure you are taken care of before they hang up the phone is number one of their “excellent service” list. This provides them with an additional advantage many auto insurance companies do not. Experience plays a big role in how customers are treated, and Travelers has the experience to serve its customers better.

Online Services

Travelers Auto Insurance allows you to file a claim online, making it easier on you. Their claim center holds over 13,000 employees and they are dedicated to assisting online. Travelers Auto insurance also offers a wide array of tips for young teen drivers, such as online videos, and information packages on how to be safe while on the road.

Bottom Line

The bottom line is that Travelers Auto Insurance has been around for more than 100 years with their attention to detail and attention to customers. They consider the whole family in their policies and put in additional advantages for families with children of driving age. They provide a wide array of services including tips for teen drivers, teaching them safer ways to drive on the streets and what to do in the event of an accident or being pulled over. Additional perks and benefits include a safe driver discount, a hybrid discount which helps the environment as well as the driver, and a multi-policy discount which helps all members.

While the world we live in has been suffering, travelers auto insurance continues to find ways to improve driver safety and save families money. If you are ready to look into purchasing this insurance for yourself or a family member, simply type in your zip code on this website to get started.

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