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Rhode Island is amongst the most expensive states in the country in terms of car insurance premiums. Despite the prices, the market is incredibly competitive and it is possible to find affordable insurance. All you have to do is let CarInsuranceReviews.com explain the state’s minimum guidelines so that you can ensure you’re getting exactly what is legally required.

Proving Financial Responsibility in Rhode Island

Many states allow drivers to choose from a variety of methods for proving financial responsibility. Rhode Island does not. In order to operate a motor vehicle you must purchase car insurance from a state-approved carrier. That policy must include the minimum liability limits as set forth by the state.

Rhode Island Minimum Car Insurance Requirements

Rhode Island insurance guidelines state that all drivers must have at least $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident involving more than one person in bodily injury liability coverage. These limits will pay for the medical bills accrued by others if you cause an accident. You must also purchase a minimum of $25,000 in property damage to ensure you are able to pay for repairs to their cars or other damaged property.

These limits of liability are on par with what most other states require but are still considered inadequate in terms of financial responsibility. Your insurance company will only pay the amount listed on your policy for any accident. This means you will be responsible for paying any additional bills out of your own pocket. The best way to protect yourself and your assets is to talk to your insurance representative about increasing your liability limits. Most drivers opt to carry at least $100,000 in coverage, if not more.

What if I Can’t Afford Coverage?

One of the main reasons Rhode Island drivers don’t obtain coverage is because they simply can’t afford this. Most people in this situation are there because they have too many points on their license, they have been involved in too many accidents, or they have previously had a lapse in coverage. Standard insurance companies will either refuse coverage or try to charge unreasonably high premiums. Your only other option is to obtain coverage through the Rhode Island Automobile Insurance plan. You’ll still pay a higher premium for coverage but you will have a policy to protect you until you can obtain coverage in the standard market again.

Driving without Insurance in Rhode Island

Driving without insurance is a serious offense. If you are pulled over in Rhode Island you will be asked to produce proof of coverage. If you are simply driving without proof you may be given up to 10 days to show you have a policy. If you have no coverage at all, you will be subject to a fine of up to $500 and will likely have your license and registration revoked.

CarInsuranceReviews.com Can Help

There are plenty of insurance companies to choose from in Rhode Island. Our job at CarInsuranceReviews.com is to put you in touch with some of the best so that you can simply spend your time reviewing the quotes and coverage options.

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