Progressive Car Insurance Reviews


Since 1937, Progressive has provided car owners with high quality and reliable car insurance. Progressive is a trusted name in car insurance, and have earned a solid reputation by providing fast and fair insurance services to its customers. The company has been innovative from the very beginning, and they were the first to offer drive-in claims service, and the first insurance company to allow customers to pay premiums in monthly installments.

Best Features of Progressive Auto Insurance

The company has gained an exceptionally strong reputation and routinely gets positive feedback both from consumers and from ratings agencies. The company has a good reputation for customer service and its acclaimed concierge level claims service. The concierge service is a big time-saver, allowing you to bypass much of the complex and time-consuming process of obtaining estimates and scheduling repairs. The concierge service lets you drop off your damaged vehicle—and the experts do the rest, taking care of the estimate process for you, finding a repair shop, and arranging for a rental car. The concierge does it all for you, and you can be back on the road in no time.

Their immediate response vehicles are well known. The company makes much out of these vehicles in their advertising campaigns, but they have the right to boast—it’s an innovative and very friendly way of providing service immediately after an incident, and makes life a lot less complicated for people who are already worried about what to do next. Simply put, the company puts their customers first—and that’s a feature you can take to the bank. We can’t say enough good things about their immediate response vehicle program—you can get a claims estimate from your own driveway or from the repair shop. This not only means fewer steps for you, it also expedites the claims process so you can have a check in your hands quicker.

Coverage is extensive and reasonably priced, and the company is also one of the few insurers to also provide pet injury coverage, so you can make sure that Fido’s covered.

What the Experts Say

Progressive is also credited and recognized for its quality services by various institutions and publications from Fortune 500, Forbes, Keynote and many others. This is only a proof that Progressive is ready to deliver quality car insurance for America.

Progressive’s agents and customer service reps have earned a solid reputation for being the best in the business. You can always expect courteous treatment, and many of the online reviews offer reports of Progressive’s agents going above and beyond the call of duty to service their customers.

Benefits and Discounts

Progressive also offers discounts and rewards from small accident forgiveness, preapproved repair shops and continuous discounts on insurance to keep the insurance cost at a minimum. Progressive offers quality car insurance and they present the coverage in an easy to understand format. Customers can get easily overwhelmed by insurance lingo and the technicalities but Progressive provides easy to understand yet effective policies for the benefit of the customers who want to maximize their car insurance policies and the cost that they pay for it.

The pet injury coverage comes standard with your collision coverage at no extra cost, and you’ll get automatic discounts for things like being a good student, having multiple cars, or advance payment. Their MyRate feature tracks your driving history and records.

The company is very responsive in claims management, and it’s no wonder. They were one of the very first to make this function available online, so they’ve had plenty of time to refine it. Combining that with their superb immediate response vehicle and concierge claims service, it’s a great option for busy people who don’t have time to waste.

Another feature that is usually under the radar but is nonetheless a value, is their mediation and arbitration team, which helps claims with other parties get settled as quickly as possible.

The Bottom Line

Awards are just awards but the true testament of their quality is the consistency and persistence to providing quality insurance policies that will not leave a customer behind in their neediest of times. That’s the true test of service, and Progressive passes with flying colors. Enter your zip code and get started in a having a secured and healthy customer service now.

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