Nationwide Car Insurance Reviews

Nationwide has been an auto insurer since 1934, but they weren’t always called Nationwide. In 1934 when it started insuring drivers, it was known as The Ohio Farm Bureau Federation. In 1943 Nationwide was working out of 12 states including the District of Columbia. With its growing popularity Nationwide has more than 80 years under its belt and is now one of the leading auto insurers in the country. The Ohio Farm Bureau Federation became Nationwide in 1955 and was working in 32 states including the District of Columbia. Working out of all 50 states today, Nationwide has made it is mission to provide excellent customer service.

Best features of Nationwide Auto Insurance

Nationwide provides low rates for most types of coverage. But beyond the basics, you also need to know that you’re covered for non-accident occurrences, such as getting stranded by the roadside. Nationwide puts your mind at ease when you’re stranded, with additional services such as towing, and even locksmith services if you get locked out of your car. You’ll also get coverage for other conveniences such as tire change services and battery jump-starts.

And when your car gets damaged in an accident and it’s in the shop, Nationwide’s got your back. They provide rental car reimbursement, which covers not just the rental car, but also other forms of transportation to get you back and forth. If you’re stranded more than 100 miles from home, don’t panic. Roadside Assistance coverage takes care of extras such as lodging and meals, and transportation to ensure your safety.

Benefits and Discounts

Nationwide provides some unique services, giving us just a little more bang for our buck. Things like Accident forgiveness services. Even the most skilled driver can get into an accident now and then. And when that happens, most insurers will immediately raise your rates. Under Nationwide’s Accident Forgiveness program, they will forgive your first accident. This means your rates won’t go up, even if it was your fault. If you have a teen, then you understand how difficult it is in their first year of driving. The accident forgiveness coverage will extend to them as well.

They also have services like a vanishing deductible, which rewards safe driving. This is a remarkable service that very few other companies are offering.The “vanishing deductible” benefit takes $100 off your deductible for every 12 months you don’t have an accident—a great benefit for anybody who has experienced the shock of having to cover a deductible after an unexpected accident. Nationwide also offers an “accident-free” discount, which lets anyone who signs up or coverage to get an additional ten percent discount if they have not had an accident in the last five years. With the economy struggling, it’s always great to get a little extra bit of savings wherever you can find it, and this is a discount you can count on year after year.

Nationwide provides many online services, including account management to review claims online, 24 hour professional claims line, and a 24 hour customer care line. Nationwide provides online tips on all kinds of topics, from driver safety to what you do when you’re pulled over.

The Bottom Line

We all love good customer service in our insurance company. No one likes to sit on hold for long periods of time and re-answer questions we were already asked. Nationwide respects that and provides an easy to navigate website that allows you to fill out and follow your claim right online. Nationwide also provides online advocacy teams to help all customers with issues. They provide open customer service lines 24 hours for all members.

Nationwide has years of experience and customers needs at heart. They provide discounts and incentives for safe driving and can even provide multi-policy discounts for acquiring additional accounts like Homeowners insurance & Life Insurance. While accident forgiveness is not something we often think about it sure is a perk when you are in one and your rates are about to increase. Looking for an insurance company that stands behind you and works with you when you are doing everything right is hard. If you are looking for a great policy and would like to apply for one just enter your zip code and get started it’s as easy as one, two, three!


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