Mercury Car Insurance Reviews

Best features of Mercury car insurance

Car insurance is a major expense, especially in big cities where rates tend to be higher. And when the economy is tight and you’re looking to reduce your monthly bills, car insurance is a good place to start looking. Legislation notwithstanding, there is an enormous amount of variation between providers. When you get three quotes for the same type of coverage, you can be sure of one thing: You’ll get three different prices. Mercury car insurance will almost always give you the lowest rate.

You can get a quick online quote on the web site to get started. One small inconvenience is that once you get your quote, you can’t buy your policy directly online—you need to go through an agent or broker. However, finding one is easy, all you have to do is plug in your zip code on the web site and you’ll be directed to a local agent. And after all, there is something satisfying about buying insurance through an actual, live person that’s sitting across the desk from you.

What the experts say

In the past, Mercury has had low ratings from J.D. Power & Associates in customer service, but they’ve been listening to what people are saying. The company has initiated a major push throughout the company to improve their customer service ranking, including additional training for all customer service people–and it seems to be working.

A big plus is that it’s easy to pay. It’s surprising how many other insurance companies make it so difficult for you to give them your money, but Mercury gives you several options, including in-person, mail, online, or even by phone.

Benefits and discounts

Mercury insurance offers all of the usual discounts in addition to low base rates. If you have multiple cars, don’t have any accidents or tickets, or have an anti-theft device installed in your car, be sure to take advantage of these discounts. They do also offer homeowner’s and renter’s insurance, and if you do take advantage of those offerings as well, you can expect a multi-policy discount.

The Bottom Line

You’re in a hurry to get coverage, and the lack of online applications will delay your application by a day or two, but there is method behind this madness. One reason Mercury’s rates continue to be the lowest in the industry is that they are very scrupulous in their underwriting process. They may be a little more fussy than most—don’t be surprised if you get a follow-up call to clarify a point or two—but that fussiness is what forms the basis of their low prices.

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