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Insurance requirements in the state of Iowa are a bit strange in comparison to other states. While the state law doesn’t specifically say you must have insurance coverage, the Financial & Safety Responsibility Act does state that drivers must be able to prove financial responsibility if they are in an accident. Our goal at is to help clear up some of the confusion regarding Iowa insurance requirements.

Financial Responsibility in Iowa

Iowa state law gives you a number of options for proving financial responsibility. These include paying the Office of Driver Services for expenses related to your accident, asking the other people involved in the accident to sign a release, or creating an installment plan so that you can pay those who were injured in your accident. You may also obtain a confession of judgment, prove that you have settled your claim, or show documents proving you have been relieved of liability in civil court.

Of course, the easiest and most common method for proving financial responsibility is by simply purchasing a car insurance policy.

Iowa’s financial responsibility laws don’t follow the vehicle alone. If you lend your car to a friend who gets into an accident, both of you will have to submit proof of financial responsibility to the state to ensure damages are paid properly.

Minimum Insurance Limits in Iowa

The minimum amount of coverage you can purchase in Iowa is $20,000 per person and $40,000 per accident in bodily injury liability and $15,000 in property damage liability. These coverage limits will only pay for damages if you are found to be at fault for causing the accident. These limits are very minimal and should be increased if you can afford to do so.

Iowa insurance carriers offer a number of other coverage options as well. Uninsured motorist coverage, for example, would provide reimbursement to you if another driver caused an accident but was found to not have any insurance coverage of his own to pay for your damages. Personal injury protection, or PIP, would help to pay for your medical bills. Comprehensive and collision coverage would pay for damages to your vehicle, whether caused by animals, nature, or your own negligence. Your bank may require you to purchase comprehensive and collision coverage if you are financing a newer car.

Iowa Financial Responsibility Penalties

It’s best not to commit a traffic violation or get into an accident without proof of financial responsibility in Iowa. If you are unable to give proof, you may face license suspensions or revocations and, at the very least, will have to continue showing financial responsibility for up to 2 years after the accident. The only exceptions are if someone steals your car, if there was no injury or damage, or if your car was stopped at the time of the accident.

Let Help

Purchasing a car insurance policy in Iowa is the best, safest, and most acceptable way of proving you are financially responsible. can help you by putting you in touch with some of the best companies in your area.

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