GMAC Car Insurance Reviews


GMAC is by far one of the leading auto insurance companies in the industry. GMAC is the only auto insurance company that has its roots in the auto industry, starting in 1939 as Motors Insurance Corporation. As such, the company is unique in its ability to understand cars, and the people who drive them. GMAC Insurance group is a subsidiary of Ally Financial which is in the process of selling GMAC to Maiden Holdings pending Ally’s approval. Their corporation is located in Winston Salem, NC.

Best features of GMAC car insurance

We know that the search for the right provider for your car insurance is a hassle.  And because of that GMAC loves to make things easy for its customers.They think of the little things that make life easier for you, like providing a “call me now” button on their web site, and a way to fill out your claim forms before you come in to the office. Their dedication and loyalty to their customers stands out in every review.

The company’s SmartServices firmly sets GMAC aside from the pack, and the convenience offered by these programs is a big selling point. Their SmartAssist program is an optional towing program available to all policy holders, and their SmartInspect program helps to guarantee that your car is in perfect shape after it has been repaired. GMAC has several additional benefits to fit all your needs. Got into an accident and can’t get the car to a shop? GMAC’s SmartValet program will help you. They come out and pick up the car, bringing you a new one free of charge to use while yours is in the shop. Most of the collision claims are extensively covered by this smart program. Additionally, their SmartGuarantee will insure all of the parts it uses for that repair for life.

What the Experts Say

GMAC Auto Insurance has been recognized through endorsements and awards from several organizations, including OnStar, and Mr. Goodwrench. The company does enjoy good financial stability from its sheer size, and in the past they have consistently received A- ratings from A.M. Best. The company was downgraded in 2009 to “triple B”, primarily because of the problems surrounding the domestic car industry.

Benefits and Discounts

If you travel a lot and you’re worried about being stranded, you don’t have to worry because GMAC pays up to $500 on your lodging and food if you get stranded. Besides the SmartServices programs described above, you’ll also get several other standard benefits and discounts, not to mention superior customer service, guaranteed claims satisfaction, and fast claims reporting. And if you’re on a tight budget and need insurance, don’t worry, they offer flexible payment options.

On of the bigger benefits of being with GMAC is their RV Coverage which provides permanent attachment protection, personal property damage, and storage option which covers your RV when it’s in storage from fire, storm, etc. With the Permanent attachment option your attachments are covered for the full price–not depreciated value. They also offer a 20% discount for insurers who intend to have multiple policies.

Other discounts include a Safe driver discount, and generous discounts for Onstar users. And of course, coming from GM, they do provide a GM “loyalty discount” for those who purchase GM vehicles.

The Bottom Line

GMAC provides low rates and is one of the top auto insurers in America. They provide great customer care and assistance with things like repair and roadside towing, and they offer an impressive catalog of discounts. Their specialty coverage for classic/collectors is affordable and provides you with lots of flexible drive times–something other insurers wouldn’t do.

The bottom line is that GMAC provides a wide array of offers and discounts for safe drivers and their families. If you are looking to insure your grandfather’s mint condition 1969 Impala or your roadster, then GMAC can help. If you don’t drive much and are looking for a good insurer who understands that, try getting the GMAC Low Mileage discount, which can save you up to 54%. GMAC is available nationwide. Just type in your zip code on this website and get started today.

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