Farmers Car Insurance Reviews


The number of cars on the road has increased exponentially throughout the past century, and the demand for risk management continues to be obvious, and absolutely necessary. Selecting the right insurance company is essential, not only for your personal well being, but for your financial well-being. For a full century, Farmers car insurance has been providing reliable service for generations of American drivers.

The journey of Farmers Auto insurance started in 1928 to provide quality insurance coverage to a wide range of clientele at affordable prices. We all know that insurance prices are hard to pin down, and are different for every client depending on their situation. Farmers understands the needs of each and every client, and goes the extra mile to make sure you’re getting the best rate and the best coverage—while always delivering the very best in customer service.

Farmers has an unwavering commitment to quality while upholding its principles in all transactions. Today, Farmers stands as the third most reliable provider for private automobiles as well as home insurance. Accessible in more than 41 states across the US, this company has 20,000 employees to date. These people are committed to servicing 15 million clients and counting, and they enjoy an “A” rating from A.M. Best.

The coverage

Depending on your budget, Farmers can help you tailor fit your insurance with the right coverage to keep your car investment and your life secure while on the road and inside your car. The very name “Farmers” makes us think of friendly people, and their “Farmers Friendly review” is one of the most innovative and consumer-friendly processes in the industry. The Farmers Friendly Review is their way of helping each customer design an insurance package that meets their needs over time. Everybody’s situation changes as the years pass—children get born, people get married, buy houses, and acquire second cars. The review lets you talk with a Farmers Agent to review your existing coverage, and identify any gaps that may exist—while also identifying any opportunities for discounts that may have arisen since your policy was first taken.

Farmers offers all types of insurance. In addition to automobile insurance, you can take advantage of their business, home, and life insurance offerings, and enjoy the convenience of maintaining all of your insurance products from the same vendor. And, the auto insurance division doesn’t just service cars—you can get coverage you’re your motorcycles and RVs as well. And if that’s not enough, you’ll have access to financial services as well, so you can get help from your Farmers agent to plan for your future and your retirement with a selection of mutual funds and annuities.

Discounts and benefits

Looking for the best price? Farmers can help you there, too. Insurance prices are notoriously hard to pin down for any provider, but Farmers gives you guidance for getting the best rates around with a good set of discounts for multiple policies, good student discounts, and other opportunities to reduce premiums.

When looking at insurance companies, it’s important to get your policy from an insurer who is financially stable—especially in today’s tough economic climate. Farmers is financially strong, and remained so throughout the latest recession, receiving an “A” rating from A.M. Best, an A2 from Moody’s, and an AA- from Standard and Poors. As a rapidly growing multi-line insurer, Farmers has consistently earned good ratings, which have been upgraded in recent years.

Customer service

In years past, there have been some complaints about customer service and slow claims payments. However, the company has made significant efforts to improve on all fronts, and those initiatives have been very successful. The company’s reputation for customer service has improved dramatically with new customer service initiatives and refined claims payment procedures. Without a doubt, the company is one of the most reliable in the marketplace, with solid financial stability, excellent ratings and management that has paid close attention to customer reviews in an effort to continuously improve its service.

The Bottom Line

Farmers remains one of the most financially strong insurers in the marketplace, and that alone counts for a lot. In assessing insurers, consumers often stop at the low-hanging fruit—reviewing insurers for availability of discounts, responsiveness, and ease of claims processing. But evaluating insurers’ behind-the-scenes performance is equally important, and Farmers stands out on that front with excellent financial stability to ensure that your needs will be covered if and when the time comes.

Choosing the right insurance is a small but important step you can take to a more secure car driving experience and provide protection to your investment and the lives of your family members

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