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Esurance was founded in 1999, at the height to the explosion.  And when the boom turned to a bust, many companies—especially many recent start-ups—didn’t survive.  But Esurance made it through those tough times and was acquired by White Mountains Insurance Group.  Today they are one of the leading online auto insurance companies in the marketplace.

Esurance is led by Gary Tolman and a management team with over a century of combined experience in the insurance industry.  They provide personal car insurance in 30 states and they employ nearly 1,700 highly qualified insurance experts and customer service specialists working out of 13 offices nationwide.

The motto of Esurance is “People when you want them/Technology when you don’t.”  What this means is that customers get the best of both worlds—innovative technology for claims services and policy management, and also personal, one-on-one assistance when you need it most.  This best of both worlds approach has played a large role in Esurance’s continued growth and success.

Best Features of Esurance Car Insurance

Today we are all familiar with, and even comfortable with, the idea of doing business with a company that operates largely online.  But that wasn’t always the case, of course.  Esurance was one of the very first companies to introduce this radical innovation in our insurance buying culture, and the quality and service they provided was instrumental in establishing a high level of comfort with this idea.

By operating primarily as an online company, Esurance has been able to offer customers consistently low rates.  But they haven’t been able to succeed simply on the basis of low rates.  They also offer customers a consistently high level of service and a number of conveniences that come with an online presence.  For example, Esurance provides around the clock claims service, a set of user-friendly policy management tools, and the ability to contact a customer service representative 24/7/365.

The one thing you can’t do online with Esurance is actually purchase a policy.  For that, you will need to contact a company representative.  This may seem inconvenient, but it’s actually a big part of the company’s human touch.  By dealing with an actual representative, you can be sure that you will get the coverage that’s best for you and all of the discounts and savings for which you are eligible.  And locating a representative is easy.  All you need to do is enter your zip-code on the website and you’ll be directed to an agent in your area.

What the Experts Say

You can have complete confidence in the fiscal strength of Esurance.  Not only are auto insurance companies in the United States highly regulated and required to demonstrate that they have ample assets to pay potential claims, but independent insurance auditing companies have also praised Esurance.  For example, A.M. Best has rated Esurance’s financial strength as “Excellent.”

And these are not the only experts who praise Esurance.  You’ll also be happy to know that actual customers are very satisfied with the service they receive.  Naturally, all Esurance customers are delighted with the excellent rates they receive and the flexibility that Esurance offers.  But the most important endorsements come from those customers who have actually filed a claim—and they rave about the expert service they have received and about how quickly and fairly their claims were resolved.

Benefits and Discounts

In addition to their low, basic rates, Esurance offers the full range of discounts that you will get with most other providers.  If you are married, have a record of safe driving, insure more than one vehicle, park your car in a garage, or have a security system installed on your vehicle you will be eligible for even lower rates.  But Esurance doesn’t simply offer car insurance.  They are a full-service insurance company that also offers life, health, homeowner’s, and renter’s insurance.  If you pool your auto insurance with another Esurance policy, you will be eligible for even greater discounts.

Another major benefit of using Esurance is that you can be sure your private data will be kept secure.  Esurance is a member of the Better Business Bureau Online and fully adheres to its Code of Online Business Practices.  Furthermore, they are also a part of the Verisign Secure Site Program, and this provides an added layer of security for your sensitive data.

The Bottom Line

Esurance was one of the first online insurance companies, and they remain one of the best.  They made a name for themselves by offering customers the convenience of managing their policies and tracking claims online and also the hands on involvement of personal agents and account representatives.  They are also committed to continued innovation and to constant improvement of their already excellent customer service.  Esurance is a very stable and fiscally secure company and an excellent choice for your auto insurance needs.

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