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Insurance is a multi-billion dollar a year industry and car insurance makes up a large part of this. With the number of cars on the road growing in relation to the population and the increase in car prices and maintenance and repair costs, consumers have to pay more for their insurance.

The car insurance industry is seeing huge growth and most of it is coming from online business. Statistics tell an interesting story about the priorities of those who buy car insurance.

49% of car owners gave the cost of insurance as their primary selection factor in buying insurance
Only 18% gave priority to protection of assets
13% wanted to deal with a real person – obviously online insurance is booming
10% gave customer service as their priority
And only 5% based their choice of insurance provider on the reputation of the company that offered the insurance

While the cost of insurance is the primary factor in the choice of providers, that does not mean that all insurers are equal, even if their quotes are. Despite the low priority given to the company in making the choice, it is important to keep in mind that just because a company is large that does not mean that it will automatically offer the most expensive policies. Conversely, it also does not mean that they offer the best service.
Having said this, the leading insurance companies like:

and others have reputations for customer service that many people automatically rely on. And while their size and reputations stand them in good stead, there are other options that are worth considering. Car insurance reviews will give you an idea of the other options available to you and inputs on how the other insurance company options may benefit you.

Since insurance companies operate under strict regulation, many of the procedures that govern the way they work are similar. It is the attitude that these companies display towards policy holders that differentiates them and it is this that can make both buying a policy and filing a claim a pleasant or painful exercise. The best way to know about what you are getting into when planning to buy from a particular company is to read car insurance reviews.

Insurance reviews written by policy holders will give you a firsthand account of what it is like to deal with a specific company and the benefits and pitfalls you can expect. It’s not enough for reviews to just say that their experience has been good or bad. Look for car insurance reviews that focus on the following issues:

  • Ease in contacting the company
  • Speed and completeness of responses
  • Ease with which claims are settled
  • The number of approved shops where repairs can be done without a claims adjuster certification
  • Whether the companies will make direct payment to the repair shop so that you do not have to advance your own money while waiting for the company to reimburse you
  • The ease with which riders like rental car costs, labor and towing and other add-ons can be included
  • How helpful the company is in assisting you in finding the right options that best meet your car insurance needs
  • Openness in telling customers about the various discounts available
  • The number of policy options available
  • Ease of billing and payment
  • And other factors which you may consider to be of importance

When choosing an insurance company, price may be important, but it is not everything. In fact, reading insurance reviews will reveal that those who chose on the basis of cost alone and ignored all other considerations often had major problems in dealing with their insurers and in getting their claims settled. It is human nature to give importance to immediate costs such as the amount paid for car insurance. But saving a few dollars up front is counterproductive if the end result is losing thousands because of inadequate insurance or having an insurer that will not deal fairly with you.

You can save money on car insurance and still get the coverage you need. Reading car insurance reviews will not only tell you how to go about it, but will also warn you of the problems you may encounter.

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