Arizona Car Insurance

There is simply no way around it. Every operational motor vehicle in the state of Arizona must be insured. While the department of insurance in Arizona may allow you to show other forms of financial responsibility in order for you to obtain the tags for your car, doing so does not relieve you of your obligation to purchase a formal policy. has all of the information you need in order to purchase an Arizona car insurance policy.

Arizona’s Financial Responsibility Rules

In order to register a vehicle in Arizona you must show financial responsibility by presenting a bond, a certificate of deposit, or by paying $40,000 in cash to the DMV. These options will allow you to get tags for your vehicle if you can’t prove you have car insurance but do not mean you are not responsible for purchasing a policy.

All drivers in the state of Arizona must have a car insurance policy or a certificate of self-insurance. Drivers only qualify for self-insurance if they own fleets of more than 10 vehicles and if they can provide a surety bond in the amount of $1 million or more. This type of coverage is usually only made available to car dealers or large fleet owners.

Minimum Car Insurance Requirements in Arizona

Arizona car insurance laws require drivers to carry bodily injury and property damage liability coverage at the state mandated minimum limits or higher. Arizona insurance law requires drivers to carry $15,000 per person and $30,000 per accident in bodily injury liability coverage – the coverage that will pay for the medical expenses incurred by others if you cause an accident. You are also required to carry $10,000 in property damage liability to pay for the damages you may be responsible for causing to other vehicles or property.

While these are the minimum car insurance limits the state of Arizona will accept, they are by no means the best and most agents will recommend you purchase higher limits if you can afford to do so. An accident of any significance would very quickly surpass these limits, leaving you to pay the difference out of your own reserves.

Proving You Have Car Insurance in Arizona

Anyone who is pulled over for a traffic violation will be required to show proof of insurance. Your Arizona car insurance company will give you an identification card including your name, vehicle type, your policy number, and your coverage expiration dates. Failure to show proof of coverage could result in the suspension of your registration or driver’s license.

You can, if your vehicle becomes inoperable, choose to de-insure your vehicle. The state of Arizona allows vehicle owners to mark their vehicles as de-insured if they are being stored seasonally, if they are undergoing restoration, or if they are undergoing long-term repairs. Forms for de-insuring a vehicle can be obtained at your local DMV.

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