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With it’s trademark image of the gently cupped hands and its well-known slogan—You’re in good hands—Allstate is one of the most widely recognized and trusted providers of insurance in the United States.

You might not realize, however, that the company was originally founded in 1931 by another venerable American institution—Sears and Roebuck—and it remained part of Sears until the 1980s.  While Allstate offers a full line of insurance and financial services products, the company devotes most of its attention to the auto insurance market.  In fact, auto insurance represents about 70% of Allstate’s total business, and the company is the second largest auto insurance company in the United States.

Best Features of Allstate Car Insurance

There’s a lot to be said for working with a company that has over 75 years of experience in the industry and that is focused primarily on providing auto insurance.  But in addition to getting the benefit of the company’s extensive experience, one of the best features of working with Allstate is how easy they’ve made it to find a coverage plan that is right for you.  Naturally, you can create a fully customized policy with whatever levels of coverage you may want.  But Allstate has also developed four basic packages of coverage that are designed to meet the needs of most types of customers.  These packages include: the “Value Package” for those who want to keep premiums low and are comfortable with slightly less protection;the “Standard Policy” that provides a nice balance between premium price, deductible levels, and coverage; the “Gold Package” that includes benefits like accident forgiveness, deductible rewards, and new car replacement; and the “Platinum Package” that gives you the very highest level of coverage available and the richest range of rewards.

Do you have a teenage driver in your household?  If so, you’ll really like Allstate’s specialized insurance protection plans designed especially for these types of policies.  They will allow you to keep both yourself and your teen covered without sending your premiums through the roof.

If you would like to find out more and perhaps sign up for a policy, Allstate makes it easy to get in touch with a well-qualified agent.  Simply enter your zip code on the website, and you’ll be directed to an agent in your area.

What the Experts Say

Independent insurance rating agencies consistently give Allstate very high marks.  For example, Best Insurance gives Allstate an overall rating of A+.  But Allstate doesn’t just get high overall ratings.  What the experts especially like is the fact that Allstate is generally conservative in its policies, uses a well thought out and sound investment strategy, is highly efficient in its operations and so keeps operating expenses low, and is strong in both its underwriting and it selling efforts.  When you see it spelled out like that, it’s no wonder that the company has an A+ rating.

Allstate’s conservative approach has also allowed it to maintain a very strong financial position during the recent period of economic turmoil when many insurance companies have suffered major losses.  In fact, Allstate’s premiums and income have been steadily increasing and the company now boasts over $47 billion dollars in assets.

Benefits and Discounts

Depending on the coverage plan that you select, Allstate offers some of the best benefit packages available.  As we’ve mentioned, at the higher level of services your will see benefits like accident forgiveness, deductible rewards, and even new car replacement in the event that your car is totaled.

But no matter what level of coverage and service you choose, there are a wide range of benefits that are enjoyed by each and every Allstate customer.  For example, you can opt to make payments either twice a year, quarterly, or even monthly.  And no matter which payment schedule you prefer, you can also make payments online or even arrange for payment to be deducted automatically from your bank account.  Furthermore, all customers enjoy the ease and convenience of filing and tracking claims online, and they have access to highly qualified Allstate customer service representatives 24/7/365.

Allstate also offers a wealth of discount options that can help you keep your premiums as low as possible.  For example, you may be eligible to receive a discount if you insure more than one vehicle, if you maintain a safe driving record, if you take a defensive driving class, if you are married, or if your car has airbags or a security system.  These are just some of the discounts that Allstate offers.  But Allstate also offers other types of insurance products—such as homeowner’s insurance or life insurance—and you can save even more if you also purchase one or more of these additional Allstate services.

The Bottom Line

Allstate is an excellent choice for nearly any driver who is seeking high quality and reliable auto insurance.  They offer a range of pre-designed packages that make it easy to select a policy, but they also provide you with the option to create a fully customized package.  Allstate is also one of the few car insurance companies that offer special plans for households with teen drivers; and these plans can give you a lot of peace of mind while also keeping your premiums manageable.  The company also enjoys an excellent reputation among both its customers and industry analysts.  Allstate’s customers appreciate the strong support and backing they get from the company if they are in a dispute with another insurance company and also the way their claims are resolved quickly and fairly.  Industry analysts appreciate Allstate’s conservative approach to investing and underwriting and its overall fiscal strength.  Allstate should definitely receive serious consideration by anyone looking for quality insurance at an affordable price.

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