AIG Car Insurance Reviews


AIG, or American International Group, Inc., is the world’s leading international insurance organization.  The company operates in more than 130 countries and jurisdictions worldwide, and they serve their institutional, commercialand individual customers with in-depth property-casualty and life insurance.

But if you’ve been following the news over the past several years, youknow that AIG has acquired some rather unwelcome notoriety.  AIG was one of several large insurance companies that required a fiscal bailout by the U.S. government a couple of years ago, and this didn’t exactly enhance the company’s public image.  Furthermore, in the wake of this
Federal bailout, AIG received a lot of unfavorable press-coverage suggesting that the company was involved in serious mismanagement of these government funds.

While all of this critical scrutiny hashurt AIG’s reputation, it has actually been very healthy for the company.  Federal government oversight and heightened press attention have prompted AIG to institute major operational and management changes throughout the company.  As a result, they have emerged as a stronger and more fiscally responsible company that is also far more focused on customer satisfaction.  All of this means that it’s actually a great time to give AIG a second look.

Best Features of AIG Car Insurance

Some people might worry about doing business with a company as large as AIG.  After all, since AIG serves businesses and institutions all around the world, an individual might worry that they won’t really care about anysingle person’s auto insurance policy.  While this is an understandable worry, it is quite misplaced.  Actually, AIG’s size offers real benefits to individual consumers.

First of all, when you’re dealing with a company the size of AIG, the chances are very good that they will offer service wherever you might be.  This means that you don’t need to worry about having to change your insurance provider if you relocate.  But there is also a lot to be said for purchasing your insurance from a company with AIG’s massive resource pool.  Since the company is now in very solid financial health, you don’t need to worry about them trying to nickel and dime you on coverage or on claims.

But you also don’t need to worry that you will be dealing with a massive, impersonal company.  You’ll actually interact directly with a local AIG agent, and this agent will be intimately familiar with your needs and your policy and will be devoted to giving you all of the individualized attention you require.  With AIG, then, you get the best of both worlds.  You get the resources and backing of a large corporation and also the personal attention that comes from dealing with a local agent.

What the Experts Say

Since most of the press attention that AIG has received recently has been negative, you might think that the experts would be highly critical of the company.  But this is actually far from the case.  In fact, because of the way that AIG has responded to some of its recent difficulties, the experts are once again giving the company very high ratings.  For example, both Best Insurance and A.M. Best have given AIG a superior, A++, rating.

But you don’t have to take the word of professional rating services—unsolicited customer reviews agree.  Customers overwhelmingly report that AIG agents know their stuff, that claims are handled quickly and fairly, and that the company is always ready to stand behind its customers in any dispute with another insurance company.

Benefits and Discounts

You’ll be happy to learn that you are probably eligible for several discounts through AIG.  For example, you may be eligible for a discount if you insure multiple vehicles, have a safe driving record, park your car in a garage, or have a security system on your car.  And you can save even more if you also purchase home insurance or life insurance with AIG.  When you speak with your local agent, he or she will help you identify every discount for which you are eligible.

And of course we all hope that we never need to actually use our car insurance.  But if you are in an accident, you’ll find that AIG makes it easy to file a claim and get the help you need.  You won’t be dealing with an anonymous web-site or talking with someone at a giant call center who knows nothing about you.  You simply contact your local agent and he or she will personally walk you throughall of the steps of filing your claim.

The Bottom Line

The truth is that the fiscal problems that AIG recently experienced had nothing to do with its auto insurance division and those problems never created any difficulties for its car insurance customers.  They did, however, prompt a major shake-up in the company that has made it an even stronger and more responsive company.  Insuring your car with AIG provides you all of the backing of a major international corporation and all of the personalized attention of a local agent.  AIG really can offer you the best of both worlds.

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