AARP Car Insurance Reviews


Chances are that you’ve heard of AARP and already know something about it.  It’s a membership-based organization that is open to Americans over the age of 50, and it is also a very powerful advocacy group that works energetically in support of its members (and the entire demographic of older Americans).

What you might not have known is that one of the benefits AARP offers its members is the opportunity to receive car insurance through the AARP Auto Insurance Program.  Older American’s can sometimes have difficulty finding affordable car insurance—since some providers are reluctant to serve this group.  Recognizing this problem, in 1984 AARP introduced its Auto Insurance Program to ensure that all of its members would be able to purchase high quality insurance at reasonable rates.

The AARP Auto Insurance Program is underwritten by the Hartford Group of insurance companies.  The Hartford is a venerable company that was founded in 1810 and has been continuously operating ever since.  Today, The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc. is one of the largest, and most reliable, insurance providers in the United States.

Best Features of AARP Car Insurance

When you’re shopping for car insurance, it can be tempting to simply hunt for the lowest rate you can find.  But that isn’t always the best strategy.  What matters even more than the premium you pay is what happens if you need to file a claim.  Especially if you are an older American, you might find that your insurance company cancels your coverage if you have a claim, or that they immediately increase your rates.

Here is where you’ll find the real value of purchasing your insurance through the AARP Auto Insurance Program.  The best feature of the AARP plan is that AARP has leveraged the full power of its massive organization in order to secure a set of benefits for its members that they would not be able to gain if they were simply acting as isolated individuals.

Perhaps most importantly, the AARP Insurance Program guarantees you lifetime renewability of your policy—provided that you pay your premiums, maintain a valid driver’s license, and meet a few other very minimal requirements.  But you’ll also get a locked-in rate for one full year—even if you file a claim during that year.  And if your car is declared a total loss within 15 months and/or 15,000 miles, the AARP plan will even pay the entire replacement cost—with no depreciation—for a brand new car of the same make and model.

In order to enroll in the AARP Auto Insurance Program, you must be a member of AARP.  If you are a member of AARP and this plan sounds good to you, it’s easy to find a local agent who can help you enroll in the program.  Simply enter your zip-code on the website, and you’ll be directed toward a helpful AARP Auto Insurance agent in your area.

What the Experts Say

You can be sure that AARP didn’t enter into an insurance partnership with a shady, fly-by-night organization.  And, in fact, The Hartford Group is in very sound fiscal health with assets exceeding 285 billion.  Furthermore, independent insurance rating agencies consistently give The Hartford very high marks.  Both Best Insurance and A.M. Best give them a very strong A+ rating.

What’s equally important is that the real “experts”—customers who have filed claims—also praise The Hartford and the AARP Auto Insurance Program.  With the power of AARP backing them, members report that their insurance company is really on their side—working to help them get the best deal possible and to resolve their claims with a minimum of hassle.

Benefits and Discounts

We’ve already mentioned a few of the powerful benefits that you’ll receive with the AARP Auto Insurance Program—benefits like lifetime renewability, locked-in rates, and new car replacement.  But there are a slew of other benefits and advantages that come with the AARP program.  For example, you’ll get “First Accident Forgiveness” if all drivers on your policy have been accident free for the preceding five years.  You’ll also get “Disappearing Collision Deductible” which reduces your collision deductible by $150 dollars after five years of accident-free driving and then by $50 for every additional accident-free year until it disappears completely.  You will also have your deductible waived if an accident is not your fault.  And, to mention only a few more of the many benefits of the AARP plan, you’ll have tremendous flexibility in selecting your coverage and in how you choose to pay, you’ll have access to a claim hotline that is staffed 24/7, and you’ll enjoy a claim satisfaction guarantee that is backed by all of the power of AARP.

And don’t make the mistake of thinking that a plan with all of these benefits cost a fortune.  AARP has negotiated very competitive rates, and there are also many discounts for which you might be eligible.  The AARP Auto Insurance Program offers discounts for insuring multiple cars on the same policy, for completing an AARP Driver Safety Course either in person or online, for also insuring your home or RV through the AARP program, and depending on the state in which you live, you might also be eligible for a discounted rate because you have air bags or an anti-theft device on your car.

The Bottom Line

The AARP Auto Insurance Program is a very attractive option for American’s over 50.  The plan is loaded with features—some of which, like guaranteed renewability, are especially important for older American’s—and includes a great deal of flexibility in both coverage and payment options.  Furthermore, the basic rate is quite competitive and the plan also offers many opportunities for discounts and additional savings.

If you haven’t yet turned 50 and you’ve been dreading it, this plan is good enough that it might actually have you looking forward to that momentous birthday.

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